Article: Visits of the ABC “Kornel Makuszyński” Saturday School Poole and the “Henryk Sienkiewicz” Polish Saturday School Slough

Published on: 3 Apr 2022
Written by: Krzysztof de Berg

Part of our mission is to educate people of all nationalities about Polish culture and history.  We believe that everyone of all ages would benefit from this, but it is specifically extremely important for people of Polish heritage, to learn about the country of their parents and grandparents and why there is such a large Polish community in the United Kingdom.  

Young people will hopefully be inspired to emotionally connect with their culture and background.

Therefore, for many years we have encouraged and welcomed groups of young people to visit us to learn about their roots by contributing to their knowledge of Polish Culture and history.  Since the end of pandemic restrictions, we have started to introduce more age-related tours for schools and scouts.  Tours are often led by some of the last living witnesses to life in pre war Poland and Poland’s contribution in World War II.  Others lived through the post war period of Soviet control and the Solidarity era.  However, other important aspects in Polish history and culture are also covered; King Jan Sobieski and the famous winged hussars, the Polish part in the Napoleonic war, 19thcentury partitions of Poland and Poland’s struggle to regain her position as an independent country in the heart of Europe not just through insurrections but also through music, art, literature etc, the Polish fight for independence and her struggle to maintain it. 

Such visits are thankfully becoming more and more popular. On Saturday 2nd April 2022, we were extremely pleased to host visits of pupils and teachers from two Polish Saturday Schools:

The “Henryk Sienkiewicz” Polish Saturday School Slough

The “Kornel Makuszyński” Polish Saturday School Poole

The pupils showed a great amount of interest in what they saw and said how much they enjoyed their vist

Why not organise a visit to our museum, for people of any age, young and not so young.  Please either phone 020 7589 9249 or send an email to to to arrange a suitable date.  

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