Full Members & Trustees



The Institute is governed by up to 80 Full Members, who have voting rights. They elect Trustee Directors, with a Chairman at their head, who are responsible for the everyday running of the Institute.


The following have held the role of Chairman:

Prof. Dr Stanislaw Stroński (1945 – 1951)
Lt Gen. Prof. Dr Marian Kukiel (1951 – 1965)
Count Edward Raczyński (1965 – 1976)
Stanisław Leśniowski (1977 – 1979)
Capt. Ryszard Dembiński (1979 – 2003)
Inż. Krzysztof Barbarski (2003 – )


Current Trustee Directors

The current Trustee Directors are:

Mr Krzysztof Barbarski – Chairman
Mr Krzysztof de Berg – Deputy / Vice Chairman
Mrs Barbara Gabriel – Honorary Treasurer
Mr Artur Kawonczyk
Mr Marek Mrozek
Mr Wojciech Nosalik
Mr Krzysztof Nowakowski
Dr Jan Tarczyński

Mr Bogusław Wereszczyński – Company Secretary



Support Us

The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum is a registered charity (no. 312168) and other than funds that we generate through our activities, we are totally reliant on membership, donations and legacies to enable us to carry on with our work.