The Polish Underground Movement Study Trust

The Polish Underground Movement Study Trust (PUMST) was founded in London in 1947. It is a research and archival institution, which contains historical material pertaining to the Polish Underground State (the Underground Administration and the Polish Home Army – Armia Krajowa) during the Second World War. Among its founders were Lieutenant General Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski, Colonel Kazimierz Iranek-Osmecki, Major General Antoni Chruściel, Tadeusz Żenczykowski, Major General Tadeusz Pełczyński as well as a several other leading members of the Polish Underground from the war years.

Over the course of the past nearly seventy five years, thousands of people have visited PUMST. They include military historians, politicians, journalists as well as family members for whom the memory of the Polish Underground State and the Home Army is meaningful.

Above all, PUMST owes its development over 60 years of uninterrupted existence, to the voluntary effort, commitment and perseverance of three generations of Polish exiles and immigrants residing in the UK. The person who more than anyone contributed to this was Mrs Halina Czarnocka, who for many years served simultaneously as PUMST’s director, archivist and secretary.

In 1988 PUMST amalgamated with The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum becoming a semi autonomous part of it.

PUMST houses an invaluable collection of archives and a library dealing with the Polish Underground State including material pertaining to the Special Operations Executive (SOE) which trained Polish agents who parachuted into Poland, the Cichociemni – The Silent and Unseen

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The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum is a registered charity (no. 312168) and other than funds that we generate through our activities, we are totally reliant on membership, donations and legacies to enable us to carry on with our work.