Photograph, Book & Album Collections

Over 300,000 photographs, albums & chronicles

The Museum contains over 300,000 individual photographs, as well as a number of albums that preserve the original context of the images within them.

From the Antique to the Contemporary

Spanning over a century in time, the photographic collection mainly covers the following historical periods:

The 20th century up to the 1st World War
The struggles for Poland’s independence
The 20 years of inter-war independence
The 2nd World War and life in exile

The photographs are mainly military in nature, but also contain large numbers of images that portray political and civilian life, educational activities, etc.

The Institute also possesses a collection of historic books.

As with all of the other parts of the Institute a conservation program is in place.


The photographs below illustrate the broad historical time range that is represented by the images in the Museum’s collections, as well as the varied events and themes that they cover.

All rights to the images on this website are vested in the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum. Reproduction by prior approval only.

Albums & Chronicles

The Museum’s collections include a number of albums which preserve photographs, together with any accompanying text and graphics, in their original form.  These albums range from military units of the second world war and their ex-combatant associations, to various post-war institutions and organisations.

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